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Do you feel like your home is at risk due to a neglected chimney? At Chimneasy, I am here to offer you an outstanding service. Schedule an inspection of your chimney with a qualified chimney sweep in Mayfield and all neighbouring towns. There are many beautiful older properties in and around Mayfield that need a little extra care with their chimneys – I can help!

Introducing Chimneasy

Hi there, I’m Ben, and I run a chimney sweep company based in Heathfield. I have extensive experience with chimneys and am a proud member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.

I specialise in carrying out a range of chimney services. From comprehensive chimney inspections to chimney sweeps, bird nest removal, and carbon monoxide alarm checks, I offer a full range of chimney services to meet your needs.

Making sure I leave my customers safe and satisfied is my number one priority, I’m dedicated to delivering excellent service with every visit.

Professional, Reliable and Friendly Service

Understanding the risks of neglecting chimney maintenance has deeply inspired the work I do. To me, it is more then just a job; it is a passion. My goal is not just to make a quick buck, but to ensure the safety of your home and its residents.

I do things by the book and offer you the advice you need to hear. This means that at the end of the sweep, you are handed an insurance-approved sweeping certificate from Chimneasy. This not only gives you peace of mind but also proves that you have taken the necessary steps to maintain your home in the event of a fire.

I don’t just get the job done, I approach every chimney with diligence and follow all guidelines strictly.

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Chimney Sweep and Inspection Service

With a chimney sweep and inspection service, I go above and beyond the basic chimney sweep service. I strive to keep your chimney efficient and safe throughout the year. Here is a breakdown of my service.

Visual Chimney Inspection

Before I start sweeping your chimney, I conduct a visual inspection of the chimney flue and pot. This allows me to assess the chimneys overall condition and identify any potential issues like cracks, blockages, wear and tear, or water damage. Catching these problems early not only ensures I don’t cause more damage but also allows us to address the issues before they potentially develop into something more costly to repair.

Cleaning Methods

As a proud member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, I follow a strict code of practice. Using a combination of traditional and power-sweeping methods to ensure a thorough clean. It’s not just about removing soot buildup; it’s about keeping your chimney efficient and safe to use.

Creosote and Tar Removal

When you burn wood or coal in your chimney, it creates creosote and tar as by-products. Over time, this build-up can pose a serious fire hazard if not addressed and taken care of.

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Speak to Your Local Chimney Sweep in Mayfield

Looking for a chimney sweep in Mayfield? Take the first step towards a safer home environment and contact me today to schedule a service! Whether it’s routine maintenance or a specific concern, I’m here to assist you.

Workin g around Mayfield, I also cover Crowborough, Rotherfield, Wadhurst, and Buxted. If you require my services but are located slightly further afield, I would be more than happy to venture into Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne, and Hastings.

Call me personally on 01435 408100 or send an email to I look forward to hearing from you and helping protect you and your household.

  • More than just a sweep

    A lovely chap who ticked all of the boxes and didn’t take short cuts. If you want a sweep who is reliable, prompt, professional and efficient then Ben is your man.

    Alfred, Etchingham.