Terms & Conditions

Missed and cancelled appointment fee

Missed appointments / Call out Fee/ Too HOT to sweep or the appliance or fire be in a condition which renders it unable to be swept on the day of the appointment (sweep attends property) / in the event we are unable to gain access to the property on the day of the appointment are charged a fee of £45.00 (Inc VAT).

Late cancellations within 48 hours are charged a fee of £30.00 (Inc VAT).
Payments not made on completion will be charged a £10.00 late payment fee.

Emergency and Call out Fees

We will always assist clients in cases of emergency.
Any request to attend in a case of emergency, will attract a call-out fee in addition to any sweeping charge(s).

A case of emergency includes all non-scheduled requests to undertake work at short notice/same day.


Payment must be made on the day of the sweep or service. We accept Cash, Card, Bank transfer and Bitcoin.

By booking and having us undertake work for you, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Where an invoice is issued, our payment terms are strictly 7 days for payment.

By requesting us to sweep for you, the person/party making the booking is responsible and liable for payment in respect of the work undertaken.

Other charges

Any other charges incurred as a result of attending a clients location will be chargeable, in addition to the any work undertaken. This includes, parking, congestion, emission charges and tolls.

Before we sweep

Fires, wood burners and appliances to be swept must not be used within the 24 hours leading up to an appointment. The appliance or fire should be free from ash, fuel, combustibles and in a clean condition. A space of at least 2 meters should be available at the front of the appliance/fire. Furniture, tables and chairs should not be in the area required to work.

There should be nothing on top or to the sides of work area. We will require access to a power plug.

After we sweep

Any waste as a result of the sweeping and cleaning process will be left with the client in order to be disposed of. The responsibility of compliant and appropriate disposal of waste will rest with the client.

Additional information

Birds Nest removal:
£100 for the first hour and then, if the work is complex, £35 per 30 minutes afterwards. Work involved includes investigating the whereabouts of the nest, removing the material and checking the flue for damage and sweeping the chimney. The nest is left with the customer.

We are not responsible for any damage which may occur as part of, or be associated with the sweeping process. This includes, but is not limited to; stacks, chimney pots, liners, property and persons.

All fires, burners and flue must be serviceable and in good working order at the time we sweep.
The client is responsible for the correct cowl or terminal (and it being secured/being placed) at the top of any flue which is contracted for sweeping.

It is also the clients responsibility to ensure any installation complies with the appropriate industry standards. If you are unsure of these standards, please ask us and we will supply you with further information.

We are not under any circumstances responsible for the installation of your stove/appliance or opening. In the event any issues or observations in respect of your stove/appliance or opening, we will point these out to you once the sweeping process has finished. We would strongly advise you to ensure all remediation work is undertaken by a competent installer, before use. You should also ensure any obligations with regards to working with local councils/planning departments are met and appropriate documentation is present and signed off.