Birds Nest Removal

Protect your home from chimney blockages with my bird nest removal service. I keep your chimney clear, functional and safe, effective, and mindful of wildlife laws.

Understanding the Issue

Birds often choose chimneys as their nesting spots because they’re out of reach from predators, warm, and safe. But these nests can block your chimney, preventing smoke and gases from escaping. This can damage your chimney and potentially dangerous situations in your home.

My Approach to Safe Removal

If you suspect a bird’s nest in your chimney, or if I find one during a routine inspection, you don’t need to worry. I handle the removal process with care for both your property and the birds. Full compliance will be undertaken with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.

The Removal Process

When I arrive at your property, I first assess the situation to determine the best way to remove the nest without causing stress to any birds that may still be there. The process is delicate and requires a steady hand and knowledge of bird behaviour. I use tools and methods that free the nest from the chimney without causing it to break apart and create further blockage.

Post-Removal Inspection

After removing the nest, I’ll thoroughly inspect it to ensure no debris is left behind. This is a crucial step to make sure your chimney is completely clear. If the nest were extensive, I’d also check for any damage the birds may have caused and advise you on any repairs that might be needed.

Preventive Measures

Once your chimney is bird-free, I can install a chimney cap or mesh to prevent birds from returning and building new nests. These preventive measures are a long-term solution to keep your chimney safe from future blockages.

Why Regular Sweeps Matter

Regular chimney sweeps are essential not only for cleaning but also for early detection of bird nests. By staying on top of your chimney’s condition with regular sweeps, you can avoid the more significant issues that come with unnoticed bird nests.

Ongoing Support

I am here to support you through the removal and maintaining a bird-free chimney. I’m just a call away if you have questions or need advice on keeping your chimney clear. I aim to provide you with peace of mind and a safe, fully functional chimney.

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    Karen, Hailsham.

Birds Nest Removal Case Study

  • The Danger of Birds Nests In Your Chimney or Flue

    Mr_______ from Heathfield contacted Chimneasy after his Carbon monoxide alarm had sounded and the emergency gas engineer who attended advised him that he had a potential bird nest in his chimney flue. The gas engineer isolated the gas and removed the gas fire which revealed twigs, sticks and other various items you would find in a bird nest. He then advised Mr _______ to contact a Chimney Sweep who would be able to remove bird nests and thoroughly inspect the chimney and flue.
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