Pre-Installation/Flue Closure Sweep Service

Before installing a new stove, liner or fireplace, it’s important to ensure the chimney flue is clean and clear.

I offer a comprehensive sweep service to prepare your flue for new installations or safely close it off if it’s no longer used.

Why a Pre-Installation Sweep Is Essential

Having your flue swept before putting in a new appliance is a must. It removes soot, debris, and anything else that might be in there.

This is not just about cleanliness; it’s about safety and ensuring your new appliance will work well right from the start. If your flue isn’t clean, it could cause smoke to back up into your home or even lead to a chimney fire. The chimney still needs to be swept and inspected, even if a chimney liner is going to be used. Installers require this as part of the commissioning process.

Decommissioning with Care

If you remove an appliance and won’t use the chimney anymore, I’ll sweep the flue to close it down. This step ensures that any leftover deposits are cleared out, which is important for not only your property’s overall maintenance and safety, but also it ensures that the chimney will not smell when closed off.

Inclusive CCTV Examination

My service includes a thorough CCTV examination of the flue. This is a modern way to see inside the chimney and check for problems that might not be visible otherwise.

It’s a great tool that helps me ensure everything is clean and safe for your new appliance or confirm that a flue is ready to be sealed off.

Clearing Blockages

During the sweep, if I find blockages like bird nests or build-up, I’ll take care of them. There’s an extra cost for this, as it requires more work, but I’ll make sure to clear everything out. This ensures your chimney is in the best condition possible for whatever comes next.

Testing and Certification

I’ll also test the setup of your appliance if possible. I work according to the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ standards. After the job is done and payment is sorted, you’ll get a Certificate of Sweeping recognized by the insurance industry. This certificate is from The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps and shows that your chimney has been professionally swept and is in good shape.

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A clean flue is crucial whether you’re getting ready for a new fireplace or saying goodbye to an old one. With my pre-installation and flue closure sweep service, you can rest easy knowing that your chimney is prepared for what’s next. My goal is to provide you with a great service that ensures the safety and efficiency of your chimney.