Birds Nest Removal in East Sussex

Have you noticed a bird making home in your chimney? Birds love a chimney – but their nests can cause significant damage to your property and its not as easy to safely remove a birds nest as you might initially think. I provide birds nest removal in East Sussex, with a focus on Heathfield, Horam, Mayfield, Uckfield and Crowborough. Even if you’re located further afield, I would be more then happy to come toTunbridge Wells, Eastbourne, and Hastings to provide my service.

Professional birds nest removal in East Sussex

Chimneys provide birds with a sheltered and safe place to build a nest. However, these nests can block your chimney, leading to smoke backdrafts, potential fire hazards, and costly repairs. The risk of fire and inconvenience are simply not worth ignoring.

I have several years of working with chimneys and I can quickly and effectively carry out a birds nest removal, ensuring your chimney is clear and your home is safe.

Looking for a reliable chimney sweep?

My name is Ben, the owner of Chimneasy. I am a proud member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, and have the knowledge to ensure your chimney is clear and your home is safe from any potential dangers.

Alongside birds nest removal I also offer chimney sweeping, carbon monoxide alarm checks, and CCTV inspections.

Many underestimate chimney maintenance. I don’t just do the job, I do it right.

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Keep your home safe and your chimney clear with Chimneasy

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Safe and humane removal of bird nests

My birds nest removal services prioritises the safety of both your home and the birds. Here is how we ensure a humane and responsible approach to birds nest removal in East Sussex.

Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

During the bird nesting season, which generally runs from March to August, it is an offence to destroy or remove a nest, under the Wildlife and Country Act. I strictly follow this law, so it is necessary to wait until the end of August or there is no longer any activity, before checking that the nest is empty and can be removed.

Visual chimney inspection

When I arrive at your property, I first assess the situation to determine that the birds are no longer in situe.

Birds nest removal

I will then remove the nest from the chimney, using tools and techniques that prevent it from breaking apart and clogging the chimney again.

Post removal inspection

After removing the nest, I will once again inspect your chimney to ensure there is no debris remaining. If the nest was large, I would also examine the chimney for any damage the birds might have made and give you advice on any necessary repairs.

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Preventive measures

Once your chimney is clear and bird free, I can install a chimney cap or mesh to prevent birds from building new nests. This preventative measure is a long term solution that guarantees your chimney is safe from future blockages.

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If you’re noticing signs that birds have been nesting over the last few months such as chirping, fluttering or scraping sounds or physical nesting material I can help. But the birds must have left the nest before I can do anything.

DIY bird nest removal is dangerous and often ineffective. Professional removal from Chimneasy ensures safety and thoroughness.

Contact me directly on 01435 408100 or send an email to I look forward to hearing from you and helping protect you and your household.

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    Great, swift and friendly sweep. Ben is a thorough professional. There was great attention to cleanliness and minimum disruption to the room. My dog Luna also appreciated the treats and fuss he made of her!

    John, Hellingly.